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About Us

Our family has been growing the finest Virginia peanuts since the late 1800's on our 5,000-acre farm in Southampton County. Our peanuts are truly the cream of the crop. We grow only the world-famous Virginia jumbo peanut, prized by gourmets everywhere for its impressive size and even more incredible flavor. Quality control is our trademark throughout every step of the process - from growing and harvesting our crop of delicious peanuts to shipping them to any destination you may choose.

The cooking process deserves special mention. Each batch of our peanuts is cooked according to a time-honored family recipe in pure 100% peanut oil with no additives or preservatives. And we cook them as they are ordered, so you get the freshest product possible. When you open a can of our peanuts, you are getting a product that was shipped within a couple of days of being cooked and packed. Not a can of peanuts that has been stored in a warehouse for months at a time.  Our peanuts reflect our passion, heritage and love of the land.  

This is why we are very proud to offer you our premium Royal Oak Peanuts/Hope & Harmony Farms. We are so confident of their superior freshness and quality that if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly replace your items. We believe in giving our customers "The Royal Treatment". And when you call to place an order you will be talking with one of the owners. Personal attention and exceptional service are what you can expect from Royal Oak Peanuts/Hope & Harmony Farms.


ŸLove the Land

ŸRespect your roots

ŸGive your best


Happy Eating!

Stephanie, Jeffrey, Mason & Avery Pope


Family Photo