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Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying

The peanuts arrived yesterday safe and sound. My sister and I believe in using only the best ingredients when making our late father's brittle recipe and we thinkRoyal Oak's XL raw peanuts are THE ABSOLUTE BEST - barr none! Thanks again and God BlessYou!

Yours sincerely,

Mary S. Illinois

"There is absolutely no question that your peanuts put other Virginia companies to shame. Just the aroma after opening the container set our mouths watering. The flavor of those peanuts is amazing."

Wayne W. District of Columbia

"Your peanuts are the only thing my husband takes for a snack (sometimes it even ends up being his lunch) when he golfs. His buddies look forward to playing with him because he brings your peanuts. It's a lot better for him than the candy bars and cookies he used to eat - and his game has also improved!

Mary M. Minnesota

Who's NUTS! My wife says I am. While on vacation in Europe I packed 4 cans of Royal Oak Peanuts. I'm addicted!

Greg B. California

Royal Oak Peanuts has the best peanuts in the WORLD!

Thank you

Charlotte R. California

Royal Oak Peanuts/Hope & Harmony Farms-Virginia's Finest Peanuts